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Hair Dye Gallery - New Photos

60 news photos have been added to the Hair Dye Gallery - there are now over 5000 alternative hair dye photos on there :)

Hair Dye Gallery updated with new photos

Over 50 new photos have been added to the Gallery, including many of the new Adore brand we stock.

You can view the photos in our Hair Dye Gallery

New Colours - Stargazer

There are four new shades in the Stargazer Range - these are:

Soft Violet. Soft Cerise, Soft Blue & Azure Blue
All can be purchased very soon through the Beeunique website :)


Hair Dye Gallery Updated

We have added 60 new photos to the hair dye gallery with more to be added soon.
There is also a new section for brown hair photos.

Wishlist & Newsletter

Beeunique now has an 'Add to Wishlist' option on the website.  You can add items with one click and then in your wishlist options you can create several different lists, prioritise which items you want most, email the list to friends and more.  The images below show how the wishlist option will appear and the default wishlist menu.
SCR-Wishlist Image
SCR-Wishlist Main

The subscribe to Newsletter option has also been simplified.  You can now add your email address by entering it in the Newsletter Subscribe option on the right hand side of the website.  You don't need to be a customer of Beeunique to subscribe however if you have an existing account or create a new one this subscription will automatically merge with your account.

Hair Dye Gallery updated

It's taken a while but I finally managed to grab a weekend free and get some new photos added to the Hair Dye Gallery.  Over sixty have been added with another 100+ to be added soon. http://www.hairdyegallery.co.uk/newpage1.html

December Photos added to Hair Dye Gallery

50+ new photos have been uploaded to the Hair Dye Gallery with more to come towards the end of the month.
There are now over 4700 photos of alternative hair dye results.


Hair Dye Gallery - new Pics Added

50+ new photos have been added to the Hair Dye Gallery.
there are now over 4600 photos in the Gallery all showing alternative hair dyes and styles.

Adore Hair Dye (Semi Permanent)

Beeunique now has the full range of Adore Semi Permanent Hair Dyes in stock.

Gallery Updated

100+ new photos have been added to the Hair Dye Gallery for the August update.

There is also a new section for lilac and lavender hair colours.